How to make a busy indicator without any status variable: 🤣
set_status("connecting..." + 10.times.map{"-/|\\".split("").sample}.join(""))

@artoria2e5 既然你觉得我不对,那为什么呢?是什么理由不对呢?我应该用什么呢????

@artoria2e5 所以可以解释一下我哪儿错了嘛?

@orzfly urbandictionary.com/define.php

Just casually expecting from convention monospace font and/or single non-random flipping indicator at the end

@artoria2e5 Okay. You are NOT arguing about "10.times" the Ruby code. So I am fine now.

@orzfly what, can't you just read it as "ten times"? Why would you expect a problem with that?

@artoria2e5 You leaved the dot there so I can only read it as ten dot times. That's so strange.

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